May 26, 2022

Interior Decisions for an Easy-to-Clean Home

Everyone likes a fresh and neat house. But let’s face it, cleaning it – not so much. It can take a lot of time to vacuum and dust your home, especially when various decorative items and furniture need deep cleaning. We present several interior tips that will help you create an easy-to-clean home.

Smart Decorative Decisions

If you want to avoid dust – decorate your house smartly. Avoid small clutter and only choose statement pieces as interior details. This way, you will easily clean surfaces without spending too much time picking up and putting down various items. Also, to avoid dust accumulating, reduce open shelving and choose closed cabinets.

Another great decorative item – outdoor roller blinds. Such window treatment is mounted outside. In many cases, it covers windows even better than regular curtains. Blinds like these are waterproof, don’t need to be dusted, and are pet-friendly. They provide excellent protection from harmful UV rays. To learn other information about modern outdoor shields, read more here.

Durable Fabrics

A great idea is to invest in durable fabrics. What we mean by that is search for easy-to-clean upholstery, rugs, curtains, etc. Fluffy fabrics accumulate more dust that is harder to vacuum and clean, so consider harder and smoother materials. For example, leather or faux-leather sofas, cotton rugs, and other items that have sleek finishes. This way, dust, hair, and allergy-inducing particles will be visible and not hide in furry materials.

Clever House Plan

Lastly, it is essential to have a well-thought-out house plan to reduce your cleaning efforts. It is best to place and stack furniture in a way that leaves no small unreachable gaps in between them. Also, seek furniture with legs leaving enough cleaning space. Another option would be opting for furniture that goes all the way to the ground. Small inaccessible places accumulate a lot of dust that can cause allergies and produce large dust bunnies.

Having an easily cleanable house is not as hard as it seems. Try making smart decorative decisions, invest in durable fabrics, and do not forget to plan your house smartly. Everyone deserves comfort and freshness in their home.

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