May 26, 2022

External Wall Rendering Cost

The most common render used today for single-family houses is a modern thin-layer render, which looks good while protecting the home from adverse weather conditions.

Some of them are characterized by additional properties, for example, resistance to scratches or moisture. Silicone renders, silicate renders, and hybrids (silicone-silicate renders) are often recommended. Clinker or stone tiles are also used on the edges of the walls, in recesses and foundations. Alternatives are facade boards modern sheet metal for facades or panels. The type of external wall rendering and finishing material has the most significant influence on the final cost of the façade. Later in our article, we will estimate an external wall rendering cost!

External wall rendering cost and types

Both the new facade of an old house and a new home can be finished with different types of render. The type of render affects not only the appearance of the building but is also responsible for its properties, including resistance to external factors. What is the external rendering price with using different render types? – Cement render – about £20-30 per m2 – is the cheapest type of render but tends to crack if the underlying structure moves. – Acrylic and silicone render – about £45-60  per m2 – a popular render available in many colors. Silicone render is very durable, has self-cleaning properties, and is resistant to fungi and mold.

Exterior wall rendering – labor costs

Apart from purchasing the render, the cost of rendering the facade is also influenced by the labor cost. They can be carried out manually or using plastering units. For laying an m2 of the render, you should usually pay £10 to £35 depending on the technique, material, and surface. Therefore, the complete job will cost between £4,000 and £7,000, depending on the size of the business.

Repairing the render – on your own or with the help of a professional?

Many people who want to replace the façade of their house wonder whether they can do some of the work themselves. That will certainly reduce the cost of the work. However, it is worth mentioning that incompetent execution of the works may bring more harm than good. Wrong render choice for the conditions and specificity of the building may cause that after one or two seasons, the elevation will lose its shine and fade under the influence of sun rays.

The installation of a façade on the walls of a building also requires several conditions and appropriate substrate preparation. It is necessary, among other things, to smoothen the walls, dry them and clean them of dirt, mold, or fungus.

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