June 26, 2022

Projects That Require Landscape Excavation

Landscape excavation is something you may not have considered. However, there are certain landscape projects that require careful site preparation and grading. If you are looking to begin a landscape project in the yard, excavation is a must.

What is Landscape Excavation?

Landscape excavation is the process of preparing a site to host a landscape project. This includes digging and grading. Heavy equipment is required (excavator, backhoe loader, and tracker with a backhoe attachment). Call an expert to get help.

You are now more familiar with excavation. Continue reading to learn about different types of landscape projects that will require excavation.

A Swimming Pool in the Ground

You have decided to take the plunge and install an in-ground pool in your backyard. The most important step is digging the hole for your pool. The average depth for pools is 8 feet. No matter how large the pool is, heavy machinery will still be required.

It is also important to avoid pipes. Experts are required to operate the machinery, and experts can research the location of pipes. It is important to call an expert to do this type of excavation.

A New Driveway

Large-scale excavation might be necessary if you have decided to install a new driveway. Not always. Consult with an expert. Although you will need to remove the incompatible material in order to install the correct stone and gravel base, it is likely that a more detailed process will be required if you have a driveway.

  • Tree roots have compromised the integrity of the system
  • It is long and can vary in grade
  • It is steep


A patio can be described as a hardscape in landscaping. It’s an extension to your living space. Planning is key to a patio that looks great and functions well. Planning your patio is only half the battle. Excavating is also an important part of planning. To ensure stability, it is important to dig out the area and remove any unsuitable material.

Also, ensure that it is sloped away from your house in order for stormwater to drain properly. Depending on how large your patio is, stormwater treatment regulations might apply. It is a good idea to hire an expert to help with the excavation phase.

A Retaining Wall

A retaining wall can be built for both aesthetic and functional reasons. A retaining wall can be built to correct drainage problems or improve grading. A decorative reason is adding uneven terrain to your landscape.

No matter the purpose of the wall, excavation is required with heavy machinery. The hole must be deep enough for a foundation. A properly constructed retaining wall will last forever, so it is important to hire an expert. Proper drainage is essential for retaining walls to last. Otherwise, they could crack or fall.

While most homes have access to the public sewer system, many residents of smaller towns in Massachusetts still have septic tanks that they use for on-site treatment. Your septic system can remove all waste from your home if it is properly maintained.

It’s important to learn Title V law so that your system doesn’t fail. It may be necessary to replace or redesign the system and move it to another location. To access the pipes and tank, you will need to hire a licensed company to excavate.

After you have read the various types of landscape excavation projects, I hope that you will take the time to follow the advice. You should always call an expert, regardless of the size of your project.

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