June 26, 2022

How to buy a couch?

For the house to become a home, it’s vital that you feel comfortable there. It doesn’t have to be furnished with lavish, expensive pieces nor have the recent designer color on the walls. But it needs to be a place you can’t wait to come to after a long, hard day at work. And what better way to enhance your comfort levels than to put a quality couch in the living room? If you want to be sure you’ll get what you pay for when buying a couch, keep our tips in mind!

A couch that’s built to last – check these things first!

The variety of couches available these days may give you a great deal of confusion if you don’t know what you’re looking for. With all the enticing shapes and colors in the store, it’s far too easy to go for the most flashy piece you lay your eyes on.

Buyer, beware! Don’t let the manufacturers trick you into paying for a couch that looks fantastic, but will make your back hurt. When shopping for comfortable sofas, consider all the construction elements of the chosen furniture piece before you get to the design.

Is the frame robust and sturdy, yet resistant to sudden breaking? Is it metal or hardwood? How deep is the seat, how high is the backing? Are the arms and legs to your liking? Is the couch large enough to let you and your family lounge cozily?

The secret’s in the details – the sofa with (the right) style!

When you have a better idea of what you’re looking for in terms of built, pillows, and backing, it’s time to narrow your range of choices by considering a place your new couch will take in the apartment.

Some people are all about comfortable sofas in the living room – if they had their way, they’d put nothing but sofas in there! And with all the relaxing associations a nice couch brings to mind, it’s an easy-to-understand attitude. If that’s you, go for the comfortable sofas in the modular or sectional style, with huge pillows and wide arms.

But maybe you envision your space in a different way, not wanting to have a couch as a centerpiece? No problem – you just need to pick a modern, sleek sofa with slim arms, metal legs, and no pillows at the backing.

And what about the color? Not to mention the feel?

Let’s say that you have all the bases covered. You know the length and width of the available space, you’ve checked the quality of the constructions of your chosen couch and imagined the ways it’ll be used on a daily basis. What’s left before you go for your wallet or click that „Buy Now” button? Of course – the colors and the right type of upholstery!

When it comes to the colors or patterns, we advise thinking twice before you buy. Be very careful on that one! Don’t get yourself be swept away by the magnificent look of the magenta-lime cushions in the furniture store. Unless you’re truly into bold colors, remember that comfortable sofas should blend seamlessly into your space.

It’s especially important if you’re apartment is on the smaller side – the couch you put in there will be a piece of furniture that you should feel drawn to, not overwhelmed by. If you want to play it safe, choose a neutral kind of color for the couch. You can always enhance or change the look by adding the pillows with a pattern later!

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